How Do You Cut Red (Development) Tape? LA Tries Some New Scissors…

In an attempt to create a more efficient, transparent system for development services, the City of Los Angeles initiated a macro scale overhaul of its current development system in early 2011.  In recent weeks, the Development Reform Strategic Plan was passed.  The Plan is the result of more than six months of cooperation between several City departments, including Planning, Building Services, Public Works, the Mayor’s office, several outside consultants and local stakeholders. 

According the City, these reforms and strategic plan updates will make Los Angeles a better place.  Some of the changes will include the following:

  • Zoning Code Simplification and Comprehensive Zoning Code Reform. An overhaul of the City’s antiquated zoning code to simplify the rules and bring the code in line with the 21st century vision for Los Angeles.
  • Updated Community Plans. The updates of seven new Community Plans and building a framework for ongoing long range planning efforts, enhancing a culture of good planning that ensures our policies are consistent with our goals and priorities for our communities.
  • Resolution of Conflicting Conditions. The establishment of a system for resolving interdepartmental conflicts that arise during the entitlement and permitting processes. Customers will receive detailed project conditions up front, and will no longer face delays that result from conflicting requirements.
  • Development Services Case Management. The addition experienced staff from five key departments together in one office to provide comprehensive project navigation, facilitation, and problem-solving services.
  • Leading-Edge Technology. Investment in new technology that will provide the public with greater transparency and enhanced access to project information, provide City staff with tools to help them work efficiently, and create a less paper-intensive review process.

Last year the City approved more than $3.3 billion dollars in new construction, which created roughly 23,500 jobs.  With the new Development Reform Strategic Plan in place, the City aims to cut much of the red-tape that slows the development and improvement of Los Angeles and spur a revival that is needed to boost the local economy.  Learn more:

Source: Chris Gomez-Ortigoza, Marketing Consultant, (626) 376-9840 x14